DS Group


D. S. ENTERPRISE is one of the largest trading houses in the field of Fiber Optic Cables and fiber related various electronic equipments in ...Read More

Dhaka City Cable Network Ltd.

Dhaka City Cable Network Ltd Is the pioneer among the local cable TV operators in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. We were ...Read More

Tissco Industries Ltd.

Tissco Industries Ltd. Is the pioneer brand of various Tissue paper manufacturer of Bangladesh. The Industry is located near Dhaka City ...Read More

Disha Electronics

Disha Electronics is the one of largest Showrooms in Bangladesh located at the centre of Dhaka city for selling various equipments like ...Read More

D. S. Online Ltd.

D. S. Online Ltd. : Having huge bandwidth along with sincere customer care service, DS Online has found its esteemed place over the ...Read More

D.S. Disha Property Development Limited

D.S. Disha Property Development Limited aims to promote land property in Bangladesh, as accommodation problem seems to ...Read More

Bawabat Al Sajah LLC. TR.

Bawabat Al Sajah LLC. TR. is  one of the largest Importer in Sharjah, UAE of Bangladeshi product like garments, book, foot wear, ...Read More

Rafin Satellite

Rafin Satellite is a Broadband Service Provider with an experienced team of experts; Rafin Satellite aims to lead the Broadband service ...Read More

Others Others

We have two multi-storied markets of our own. There are 30 shops of household utensils in those markets. Others: We have two multi-storied ...Read More